Optimise a state of mind that enhances your best progress to achieve your sporting goals – we can help you

Developing new habits to improve sporting performance can seem overwhelming, this is where Anielle and the team at Fit Mind Now comes in.
Whatever your desires for personal improvements are, whether it is as simple as the need for new tools and accountability or you are going through a transitional period in your life and are looking for guidance and fulfilment. Anielle has developed the skillset necessary for you to achieve your goals and realise your dreams.
Now is the time to gain access to your true potential. You can overcome! Train your mind with Fit Mind Now.

A clear mindset

Fit Mind Now will empower you with the knowledge you can apply immediately to gain a clear mindset allowing you to make better decisions with confidence.

Mindfulness Strategies

The strategies are used by Anielle to achieve and sustain success in her mind body connection. Sharing good tools that can help others also succeed in their body.

  • 6 hour workshop

Empowered through achievement of your best

With a healthier mindset, you are mentally and physically making better choices in your life. This will help you achieve greater success in your sporting goals.

  • 12 hour workshop

Wellness and wellbeing begins with a fit mind now.


Motivation techniques
Planning techniques
Commitment techniques


Breathing techniques
Movement techniques
Mindfulness techniques


Awareness techniques
Openness techniques
Cultivating techniques


Discipline techniques
Monitoring techniques
Reflection techniques

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