An overwhelmed teenager seems normal these days, gaining tools to making individual choices is helpful and empowering – we can help

The journey of puberty is often felt with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.
We often are guided by other peoples opinions, pre conceived beliefs and at some point turn to social networks for information.
Either ways, we remain mixed with conflicting thoughts and feelings about so many things as you enter the world of puberty.

Developing new habits can seem overwhelming, this is where Anielle and the team at Fit Mind Now comes in.
We teach the youth the essences of mindset in overcoming challenges in life. We get down to the ground roots of how the mind works within our bodies.
At Fit Mind Now we believe that the mind is the greatest asset in the human body. Being an asset it is important to understand its capacity for growth and change at any time in life. Following the program, the young minded will understand the importance of goals, intentions, purpose, responsibility, overcoming challenges, responding versus reacting to a situation in order to achieve one’s dream life.

A clear mindset

Fit Mind Now will empower the youth today to appreciate the power that lies within the mind. Often we see many adults still searching on how to better know themselves to achieve more. We value the importance of teaching our youths the power of the mind early. When we better understand ourselves, we can make better decisions on how to express our feelings and behaviours. We advocate for goals and good communication. This begins with understanding the foundation of mindset as mindset is everything in life.

Mindfulness Strategies

As technological advances bring further distractions to the mind, in today’s world it is even more important to teach our youth how to disconnect from the fast pace digital world and learn to connect with themselves. This allows a relationship to be forged within, it allows an opportunity for reflection and perspective. Our mindfulness strategies brings focus back on the individual and away from distractions to help the individual better know themselves, their wants, re igniting trust in oneself through clarity.

  • 6 hour workshop

Overcoming doubt, building confidence

One of the biggest contributors to wellness today is health. We often place physical health at the forefront and lack to see that the mind is actually the fore runner. Mindset is everything. We often surface this topic and lack to teach the foundations of mindset which often most adults are not aware of. Teaching our youth about what a healthy mind consist of, overcoming doubts and fear- sounds amazing but the how to is most important when a reactive¬† mindset is a play. A reactive mindset versus a responsive mindset is at the core of our teaching the youths whilst we incorporate the latest on energy workings and its relationship to gratefulness, kindness and compassion to our society.¬† Let’s help bring up better human beings with strength within, values and a meaningful life.

  • 12 hour workshop

Exercise your mental muscles for a fit mind


Motivation techniques
Planning techniques
Commitment techniques


Breathing techniques
Movement techniques
Mindfulness techniques


Awareness techniques
Openness techniques
Cultivating techniques


Discipline techniques
Monitoring techniques
Reflection techniques

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