Whether you need guidance in

preconception, early pregnancy

or help preparing for

labour and birth- we can help.

We often begin this journey with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.
We often are guided by other peoples opinions, pre conceived beliefs and at some point turn to social networks for information.
Either ways, we remain mixed with conflicting thoughts and feelings about what is the best way for the mother to do.

At Fit Mind Now, we return to the ground roots of turning inwards for guidance in making informed choices about decisions. We teach you how to better connect with your guiding mind – your intuitive mind to navigate choices in making best informed choices. We want to teach you how to better trust your inner guidance, reclaim your self confidence and eliminate the fear and doubt that plays havoc in your life. We help you train the mind with Fit Mind Now to an empowering journey to motherhood.

A clear mindset

Fit Mind Now will empower you with the knowledge you can apply immediately to gain a clear mindset allowing you to make better decisions with confidence.

Mindfulness Strategies

Increase your clarity, leaning how to get the mind to be consistent  with the focus of the breath, raising the energy within to overcome an experience, a situation or achieve a goal. We utilise ancient practice with modern knowledge to be the master of our mind and achieve our desires.

Empowered Pregnancy & Labour Experience

A desire for an empowering pregnancy and labour and birth experience is the beginning. Next comes inner guidance and trust- We are here to help.

Wellness and wellbeing begins with a fit mind now.


Motivation techniques
Planning techniques
Commitment techniques


Breathing techniques
Movement techniques
Mindfulness techniques


Awareness techniques
Openness techniques
Cultivating techniques


Discipline techniques
Monitoring techniques
Reflection techniques

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