Dismantling habitual acts, creating a better way of living

Lifestyle management Ground Roots Workshop

We focus on how the mind works to create conscious growth.
We provide the ground roots to a shift in mindset that ignites growth and sparks results.

Fit Mind Now 

​We focus on how the mind works to confidently make choices from a loving and truthful place. We teach how Train the mind.


​ Important – the program is designed to guide you to know yourself better.
We all have the potential to be braver, more driven and passionate in life.
​Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to guide us along.

This program is delivered over 6 hours

What we help you learn in our workshop
  • Mindset foundation
  • Mind- body connection 
  • The Science – how you think, feel and behave
  • Hidden secrets of the mind- purpose leads to success
  • The origin of stress &  the impact of stress –  the way forward
  • Self awareness, self regulation, self response- about the ‘self’
  • Motivation, responsibility and the shaping of choices
  • Habits – behaviours that no longer serves
  • Fear & vulnerability – overcome
  • Resilience & mindfulness – transformation
  • Time for greatness
Who can attend?
Those who wish integrate all aspects of their life, be it personal or business


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Exercise your mental muscles for a fit mindset


Motivation techniques
Planning techniques
Commitment techniques


Breathing techniques
Movement techniques
Mindfulness techniques


Awareness techniques
Openness techniques
Cultivating techniques


Discipline techniques
Monitoring techniques
Reflection techniques

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