The health and well-being of our community is of most important. Creating a sustainable world is providing access to wellness.

Developing new habits can seem overwhelming. The hardest part is being honest with oneself about what habits exist that is no longer serving us. Getting real close and personal with oneself and being absolutely honest with what needs to go is a means of inviting new potential and being excited about the possibilities you can achieve.
Personal improvements comes with tools that have worked for many. Know that change only happens with understanding for the need to change for growth to have a place to expand.

Complimentary Session

Fit Mind Now will empower you with the knowledge you can apply immediately to gain a clear mindset allowing you to make better decisions with confidence. Confidence is often not natural for many but it is something that can be fostered. We teach the markers of vulnerabilities, fear and the solution to keep them at bay. Let us help you.

Grass Root Workshop

Fit mindset is like exercising your mental mind. We don’t often talk like this, but we are familiar with the concept of fitness in the mind, fitness in life but we usually link that to a physical aspect. The key is that mindset is everything but your mind is much more that what you realise and maybe what you know.  We take you on a journey of exploring, discovering whilst learning the foundations of mindset. This is the fundamentals of wellness and success in anything. You can overcome and conquer when you know more about your own personalised mindset. Know yourself. When you do you’ll gain more and more confidence.

Conscious Growth Workshop

When empowered with self worth, your confidence will drive you in the direction you want. Where you place your focus is the direction that you will be driven to for achievement to occur. It is that simple. Simple things in life are easy to have but our pre dispose mindset makes us absolutely believe it is not and make us doubt ourselves. What if you eliminated doubt all with your mastery of mind? What would life look like? We want to help you find your potential, discover you are not limited by anything except your mindset.

Wellness and wellbeing begins with a fit mind now.


Motivation techniques
Planning techniques
Commitment techniques


Breathing techniques
Movement techniques
Mindfulness techniques


Awareness techniques
Openness techniques
Cultivating techniques


Discipline techniques
Monitoring techniques
Reflection techniques

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