In business be yourself but be better – discover, understand and apply the qualities that best serves your best self

Whether you are starting a new business, are in the acquisition process or an established business looking for fresh new ways to improve your operation. The team at Fit Mind Now are passionate about guiding you to achieve your goals.

It is no secret that success leaves clues.  Truly great companies have many things in common such as, a strong culture, an excellent strategy – followed by thoughtful implementation, organisational skills and accountability.

We bridge the gap by focusing on personal growth in business integration. We focus on building foundations and overcoming transitions in each individual to enable expansion and growth in business performance. The ripple effect continues to others and expands to the business culture and cultural sustainability with a ‘Me to We’ centred approach.

Now is the time to start with your most valuable asset – your team.

We provide workshops, mentoring and one on one coaching.

A clear mindset

Fit Mind Now empowers you with the skills and techniques that help individuals be the master of their minds, after all mindset is everything. We all know a healthy body is crucial for wellness in life, we accept that but often don’t realise that the fore runner is mindset. Mindset is the controller of your life but you can be the driver. And yes this tells you that most people are not the drivers. This is part of the memo we all seemed to have missed growing up. The most successful achievers of this world did not cheap out on mindset, they invested in mastering their minds. We teach you the fundamentals of a clear mindset but most importantly how to be the master and creator of your mind and desires.

Mindfulness Strategies

The obligations and responsibilities that lies upon an individual today whilst managing personal life expectations is more and more being challenged in the modern day. We are now seeing individuals navigate family life and work commitments in the current climate. Whether one is working from home or office it seems out emotional radar is spiralling out of control for many reasons and though there are many avenues for support,  stress is still the largest contributor to ill health both physically and mentally. Fit Mind Now recognises this very important issue. In our development we place the element of understanding mindset as core in order to implement growth and change into oneself and daily life. It seems the lacking is something we have become accustomed to as normal. Though change is wanted, solutions are not so easily found. For this reason we focus on teaching the foundation of mindset as we value that mindset is everything. Our mindfulness strategies teach the underpinnings of how to be the master, driver of your mind to bring harmony to your every day life whilst navigating your business aspirations and personal responsibilities. After all we all deep dive seek balance, harmony and some sort of success.

Empowered by your best self

One of the most important relationships you will have in your life is with yourself. Successful people cultivate this personal inward relationship to overcome life obstacles. We teach the foundations of how to be your best self to succeed in your business aspirations and desires. We utilises teachings of ancients philosophers and science today that seems to not be clearly visibly available to the general public, yet we know it is the underpinnings of the most successful achievers of today. You are more than what you realise but can be less than what you know. We want to teach you how to cultivate your strengths, achieve your wants because a person who is abundant shares with others and we help create a more sustainable world.

Wellness and wellbeing begins with a fit mind now.


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