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The art of sitting in silence in the advancement of technological influence

Technological  influences and easy access has revolutionised the way we live, the things we get done, the way we are inspired, the way we feel emotionally and how we communicate with one another.

We often hear words like mindfulness, meditation, fitness, mindset being beneficial for us allowing us opportunities to step back from the digital world.

Our ancestors seemed to value silence and time with oneself, not necessarily knowing it was beneficial to ones wellness but it was a way of being, a way of life. Not surprising it seems easier when one is not so distracted with technological influences. Perhaps if work was done, the simplicity of sitting in silence was just what one became accustomed to.

The mindset that is at peace

Sensing the self that is within when life is moving at such a busy pace can seem very difficult. When we are busy, stressed, have our list of things to do it is easy to live life voluntary, in that we think we are choosing this way of life but really we are living from an involuntary place and we don’t even know that we are.

We think we have a sense of control, a sense of choice but it isn’t until we reflect on every action that we realise we are really acting out of habit. We do what we know how do in the order that we know how to do it. We tell ourselves and others that we are stressed, have so much to do and how it is so hard. The challenge is that we don’t realise we cannot change our situation unless we actively change our habits. Change does not come by doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

In the art of mindfulness, meditation and a fit mind we practice the art of reflecting upon oneself as an observer. The act of silence, stillness, breath and other practices within a similar context like yoga, we allow ourself to notice our inner depths. Noticing as an observer this inner self, the thoughts that come and go, the physical sensation that is express within the body without judgement, without labels but like a nurturing mother tendering to her newborn. This observation cultivate an inner peace within the mind that has a flow on effect within the body. Here we find inner tranquility and we meet our inner self.

A fit mind requires  discipline, a commitment, an art of practice to cultivate a space that liberates toxicity in our mind and in our body that is replaced with clarity and being in the moment of choosing the way in which we act it out in our lives. It is simple but not usually easy. Not easy because the practice itself is different to what one is use to.

A fit mind reminds us to reclaim our clarity, listen to our inner self that has all the answers to life’s struggles and aspirations. We recognise that we can be guided to wellness and good decision making when the calm voice, the voice of reason echoes louder than the high volume voice that demands our submission. The one that demands submission is the voice of habit and the one that echoes is the intuition. This is the voice of truth, the voice of peace and tranquility.

In ancient times, humans were more in touch with the intuitive voice as they were more connected to nature and themselves without worldly distractions. Today we navigate this space with practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journal writing and nurture to cultivate intuition and find harmony. Workshops at Fit Mind Now incorporate the many elements that help us hear attentively to the guided voice that eagerly awaits our listening. Check out Fit Mind Now workshops.

Wellness starts in the mind


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