Nurturing pregnancy, labour and birth preparation

Spinning Babies Parent Class ® Workshop.

Spinning Babies is a body based approach that teachers couples how to express ease and comfort in childbirth (pregnancy, labour and birth).

Created by Gail Tully, the teachings brings an approach to childbirth Gail calls “physiology before force” to ease labour, birth and pregnancy comfort. Techniques have been gathered from various birth and bodywork sources that aims at providing parents with an understanding that mum and baby play a combine and an active role in childbirth.

So What does that mean? 

Spinning Babies is a unique approach to childbirth, parents learn to approach childbirth from a new paradigm.
We learn “what to do and when to do it” as means of helping the baby’s position and labour progress to ease the child-birthing experience.

The program is designed to meet the needs of couples who are having a cesarean or normal birth.  The course is designed to prepare mother and support person on a positive outcome regardless how baby comes into the world, all births are natural, some require medical interventions and some do not.

Why is Spinning Babies unique?

Spinning Babies moves the question of “How far dilated is the cervix?” to a less prominent status.
​By doing so helps women awaken physiological solutions to labour progression, encouraging self confidence in a woman’s body through knowledge of their body and their baby’s location as they navigate mums pelvis, reducing force-based efforts to encourage labour.

How do women and partner’s utilise this approach in labour and birth?

This approach to childbirth invites activities  to help prepare for birth  with a special focus on the babies position during childbirth. By focusing our attention to the baby, we often inspire positive lifestyle changes by parents throughout their pregnancy journey to the day they meet their baby.

What  else do you learn

We begin with understanding the baby. With this we open possibilities to support physiological birth, improve parent attachment and baby bonding. Understanding the baby’s position can teach parents about the alignment of the womb and pelvis and its role during childbirth and how we may optimise ease of childbirth for mum and baby.

How We Can Help

Working with your body

Help position your baby better for an easier birth

Book a spot

What does the Online Guided Spinning Babies®  workshop include? $150

  • A 15min  introduction to Spinning Babies 
  • Spinning Babies®  Online Parent Class video for streaming/download ($45 value)
  • Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials video for streaming/ download ($28 value)
  • Access to Spinning Babies®  online resources; Companion eBook, Daily Pregnancy Activi &ty checklist, Labour checklist and more.
  • A 1.5 hour private or small group video live meeting session to support you and talk through your learning and the use of the techniques.
  • Ongoing support

Spinning Babies?

  • Used Worldwide
  • teaches the art of movement in pregnancy and labour
  • Facilitates birth with movement of your body
  • Facilitates birth with movement of your baby
  • Helps the body find balance in pregnancy in preparation for labour and birth
  • Online workshop now available


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Why Spinning Babies?

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