The role of a 'doula'

It is challenging to learn everything you need to know about childbirth. Women need adequate emotional support in labour and birth. The research shows that when a woman is adequately supported  in labour and birth, the experience is far better for her and her partner. The role of birth support only ads to the support team and plays an integral part of achieving a positive experience for the mother and partner.

Role of a 'doula'

Firstly, the greek word for doula means ‘caregiver’. The professional doula provides the ultimate birth support as a companion. The success lies in enhancing the birth process for the labouring woman and her partner with continuous emotional physical support and helps or guides her obtain information in an informative and unbiased way. Clinical or medical advise is not given, that is the role of your medical care providers.

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Service provided

Independent employment contracted directly by you my client. As your doula (support person), I am here to support you and your partner during labour and birth and act in your best interests. I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide physical, emotional and educational support. I support you during pregnancy and during labour and birth.  Medical advice or clinical tasks are not offered.  My role is one of support in one of the most important moments in your life.

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