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Independent labour and birth programs aim at creating opportunities for mum’s and families to learn more about pregnancy, labour and birth, transitioning to motherhood and parenthood from an informative perspective.

The approach should aim at providing un-biased and informative education in order for parents to gain confidence in making informed decisions.

Labour, birth, parenting and breastfeeding are big experiences and with that comes transition and growth.
Like other experiences in life, be it joyous, traumatic or challenging we are shaped by the journey.

Ideally we choose paths that leaves positive imprints on us. In your journey to meeting your baby, some parents will choose to wing it and others will choose to acquire more knowledge for decision making.  Neither are right or wrong. Many parents who have entered labour and birth with a wing it attitude  have had amazing birthing experiences.  On the other hand,  many have also sadly had what is considered ‘traumatic experiences’.

Labour and birth is challenging....of course it is! But that does not mean you can't have moments of smiles, eating and feeling great. Learn to connect your mind and body in birth. Instead of focusing on what is impossible, focus on I'm possible.

Agnele FinetteFit Mind Now

Birth is unpredictable, but birth can be approached with confidence, great skills that help in labour and birth, great support in the moments of vulnerability. I say moments of vulnerability because that’s when we usually need adequate great support. In moments of joy everything is light and easy.

Keep note that in many cases, parents make important birth decisions in the midst of labour, in times of absolute vulnerability.  Knowing and having tools to help navigate those intense moments plays a big role on the path that follows when birthing.

Care providers are fantastic at telling you what they recommend. Recommendations care also vary amongst care providers. The question is whether the recommendation is the right choice for you and if not how will you as a woman in labour know that. Do you feel confident in the knowledge you have to making an informed decision. 

Research has shown that birth is not a satisfying experience for many women. What is a satisfying birth experience to you, not to your mum or your friends, to you? What does a positive birth mean to you?

Like Life, no one can guarantee the type of birth experience you will have.  But like anything in life, you can wing it, leave it to fate or you can do what you can to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, with the support of your partner to give yourself the best chance at a calm, positive, confident birth when it begins.

Perhaps an independent birth course is the right way forward for you?

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