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My Journey

Every great dream begins with a thought . We all have within us the strength, the patience, and the will to reach for the stars and change the world.

Fit Mind Now was created with just that.

About the Founder of Fit Mind Now

Anielle Finette

Anielle holds a Bachelor in Nursing degree and a post graduate training in Midwifery. Her continuous studies and interest includes areas of mind body connection, brain/ heart coherence, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.  As an educator and speaker, her interest lies in demystifying the mystical to equip people with knowledge and tools within their reach to make real changes that improve their lives. She is a mindful growth guide and visionary that has vast experience in the medical and corporate sector and is passionate about helping people.
Anielle’s purpose is to play a significant role in creating improvements in the area of a healthy mind for a healthier future and works on being a living example of her teachings day by day.
She has developed ‘Fit Mind Now’ with a goal to helping others thrive in lifestyle management leading to a happier self and contributing to a sustainable world as human beings. She also loves good food, a beer, surrounded by nature, her family, her animals and like minded people.

Our Truth

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspired people to acquire an attitude of fitness in your mind now. Through its program offerings, we teach innovative concepts that excite change the way people see themselves and the world around them. We service an attitude to a healthy mindset now and for future generations. We believe the greatest way to create a shift in mindset is to support and empower people with knowledge that is easily applied into daily living.

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Our Purpose

Our Mission

We are committed to creating well adjusted human beings. We believe education and masterminding applied knowledge is the core element of personal growth. The root cause of unintended consequences and overcoming any challenging transitions is with guidance, collaboration and support. We are committed to creating a socially sustainable conscious world with our progaily living.

Wellness & Wellbeing begins with a fit mind now


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