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Inner peace, greater clarity, new ideas and opportunities, overcoming fears, a better life?

We run workshops to train your mind to be - in the moment- present in every situation

Do you struggle for answers or direction in life?
We can help you

Realise that everything you are and want to be lies within you, not externally.
When you lead life from within, you are in-tuned to the guided element we call instinct. 
Fear and doubt are a bay and instinct brings forth;

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Identity
  • Self Assurance

We believe the mind determines your focus.
Your Focus becomes your reality. 
We teach you how to train your mind to better connect to your instinct,  be guided from within and have an abundant life. 

These are the techniques we apply to our workshops


  • Motivation techniques
  • Planning techniques
  • Commitment techniques



  • Breathing techniques
  • Movement techniques
  • Mindfulness techniques


  • Awareness techniques
  • Openness techniques
  • Cultivating techniques


  • Discipline techniques
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Reflection techniques

We offer workshops in these areas of life

““Fit Mind Now is a unique approach. It teaches the foundations of mindset and how to overcome transitions in life. Ancient philosophy and modern knowledge integrated.””

How We Can Help

An exceptional workshop

Learn to understand how the way you think and feel shape your life.
In our workshops we comfortably take you to the foundations of mindset to help you overcome the struggles and let downs in life. When you learn to operate your thoughts and emotions from a place of clarity and understanding, your start to make better decisions. We are here to help.

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Grass Roots Workshop

An intense workshop for your personal or business life.

We Offer Mentoring

One on one mentoring to personalised the elements of yourself and areas of your life that you aspire to succeed in.

Conscious Growth Workshop

Our advance workshop for your personal of business life.

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Our Founder

Anielle Finette

Anielle is a mindful growth guide and visionary that has vast experience in the medical and corporate sector and is passionate about helping people.
Anielle’s purpose is to play a significant role in creating improvements in the area of a healthy mind.
She has developed ‘Fit Mind Now’ with a goal to helping others thrive in lifestyle management leading to a happier self and contributing to a sustainable world as human beings.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating well adjusted human beings. We believe education and masterminding applied knowledge is the core element of personal growth. The root cause of unintended consequences and overcoming any challenging transitions is with guidance, collaboration and support. We are committed to creating a socially sustainable conscious world with our programs.

Learn the principles to a fit mind, discover more about your potential to becoming a better you.

When doubt sets in

Do you get stressed?

Elements of a stressed mind is plagued with doubts and fears.

Doubt and fears lead us reacting from our senses

Our reactive mind lives us feeling guilty and in shame.

When you have no doubts

Do you feel confident?

Elements of a confident mindset operates from a place of trust and love coherence.

Love and trust lead us responding from our intuition.

Our Intuition wants us to succeed in all things.

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